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The legal process and everything that go with it can be utterly confusing and intimidating. Let us smooth you along your way with these tips:
90 day notice to bondholder to cancel your existing bond - otherwise the bondholder will penalise you with interest. Don't stress! Just contact us. We will forward you a Bond Notice Form to complete and sign – and we will do it for you.

“voetstoots” - plainly this means “as your property stands”. Should you be aware of any existing defects (both visible and invisible) in your property, rather point it out to us, your agent and your prospective buyers. Refraining from mentioning defects gives the buyer the legal right to cancel the contract or insist on a decrease in the purchase price.

Occupation date - don't let your buyer occupy your property prior to the transaction being registered in the deeds office. It causes a myriad of problems. Once you have given your purchaser occupation it is very difficult to evict them lawfully, especially if the sale goes sour!

Approved building plans - as the seller you have to ensure that you have approved building plans for all additions to your property – in terms of recent court decisions you could be held liable for claims, should it not be the case.

Clearance figures and cashflow - you need to pay the council, body corporate and Home Owners Association (one or all three might applicable) a few months in advance and obtain certificates from them to register your transfer in the Deeds Office. Should you be a bit cash strapped at this moment we can assist you with bridging finance against the proceeds of your sale.

Correct billing - ensure that you have been billed correctly by the city council. If not the transfer of your property can be delayed by 3 to 6 months – even something as simple as the fact that the council hasn’t been taking a meter reading. If you are unsure feel free to ask us to take a look at the latest statement you have received from the council. Rather involve us now and let us help you to sort it out before it becomes a critical delay in the transfer of your property.

Compliance Certificates - as the Seller you are going to need to furnish your buyer with a valid electrical, gas and electrical fence compliance certificates at your cost. Some of the financial institutions require these certificates before they would allow their bond to be registered. Best to get it done sooner rather than later!
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